Essential Wholeness: Transformation through Self Becoming by Helen (Savage) Todd

This article is an exploration in the meaning of the teaching on Swabhava, or 'Self-becoming', in classical Theosophy. It is reprinted from Fall, 1971 special issue of "The American Theosophist". Helen (Savage) Todd (1899 - 1993) was born in England but spent much of her early life from 1900 until 1942 at the International Theosophical Center at Point Loma. At the Theosophical University there, she was a lecturer in etymology and semantics, was chief librarian, and later joined the editorial staff and served as G. dePurucker's literary secretary, working with him to complete his two volume, "The Esoteric Tradition." Later from 1971 until the mid 1980's, she was co-editor of "The Eclectic Theosophist" with Emmett Small.

July 27th, 2013
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