Visitors and Friends of Point Loma School: Japanese Scholar Hidehiko Kurita visit 2013

"I am interested in the history of a Japanese meditation called "Seiza" (meaning, still-sitting). Actually, the founder, Okada Torajirō, went to California in early 1900's and might have been influenced by American spiritual ideas. Also, in the 1930's, some American people including Ruth Fuller Sasaki went to Japan to study Buddhism, and then they had opportunities to learn Okada's style of still-sitting. This is why I am also interested in American Zen and Mindful meditations and spiritual ideas. On this trip, I have a plan to go to UCSB to meet Professor Ann Taves and Catherine Albanese, as one of main purposes of my trip. I am going to go to some places including the Theosophical Society Point Loma, remains of Krotona Institute of Theosophy, Los Angeles, Honpa Hongwanji, University of Southern California, and Seicho No Ie U.S. Missionary Headquarters in Los Angeles." This study is part of his Phd. thesis he is finishing during a one year study at Harvard as a visiting student from his University in Japan. Our conversations covered a wide range from the Society of Friends to Blavatsky, to NIshida and the Kyoto School, the relationship of stillsitting to Japanese culture, Theosophy and 'New Thought' to Blavatsky's three fundamental propositions of her 'Secret Doctrine' and the meaning in life through the study of religious philosophy ... an enjoyable time !