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Entering the Natural Clear Mind

January 29 – Day Long Practice Intensive ( Enso Meditation Retreat – Pine Valley )

Compassion, Wisdom and Tranquility:
Entering the Natural Clear State of Mind
through the White ‘AH’ Meditation Practice

This is rarely given teaching-practice from the Dzogchen, Great Perfection tradition. The sacred ‘AH’ syllable* practice is a direct and clear method that opens us to the inner experience of our luminous nature of mind and is suitable for those beginning, as well as more advanced.

Tulku Orgyen Zangpo explains:

‘As you engage the meditative stabilization practice (Tib. zhi ney) of White Ah, the
normal flow of everyday mind experience will begin to slow down and become less
turbulent and less intense.’

‘On the path of Vajrayana Buddhism, there are certain practices that “anchor” us. In
Tibetan these practices are called “nails” or “stakes” (Tib. gzer). The practice of
meditative stabilization is one of those anchors…also known as “the stake of concentraton-samadhi” .’

‘The great 19th century Lama, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro T’haye said, “Plant the stake of concentration to bind the life force”. This means to train in maintaining your attention on the focal point, without letting it wander elsewhere … training in one-pointed concentration undisturbed by mind movements, in order to stabilize the life force of your spiritual practice.’

‘Replace the mental habit of continually being drawn into distraction, the distraction of being compulsively in the service of mental activities concerned with the “external” worldly world. Replace that continual distraction with a similar habit of continually being drawn back to the focus of meditation. In this way we anchor ourselves in spiritual, life by replacing mind’s dysfunctional worldly habit of being continually distracted and scattered, with the habit of remaining one-pointedly focused.’
January 29


Enso Meditation Retreat ( http://www.meetup.com… )
Pine Valley, Ca. 91962
(please send email for registration information and directions to [masked])

*In ancient Indian tradition, the syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet are considered to be the sacred sounds through which the universe itself is brought into manifestation. The first syllable is ‘AH’ so is the source point of non dual wisdom which is our Unborn, all encompassing, original true nature. So, in the Dzogchen tradition, the meditative support-practice with the ‘AH’ syllable, when applied with diligence, provides us a sure pathway to experience our Unborn true nature.

Retreat Schedule:

Session One
9:30 am – 12:30

12:30 – 1:30pm vegetarian lunch provided

Session Two
1:30pm – 4:30 pm
Sunday, January 30 (at Enso Meditation Retreat, weather permitting …due to limited space pre-registration is necessary)
Fire Purification Ceremony
10 am – noon

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